Bachelor’s Degree

Bachelor through professional experience and entrance examination

I have successfully acquired the Bachelor qualifications. For the Master's degree admission, I have successfully completed the participation in an aptitude test.

In order to be admitted to the aptitude test, I had to fulfil the following requirements:

(Technical) university entrance qualification followed by at least 3 years of relevant work experience or
Completed vocational training with a final grade of good (grade 2.5 or better), followed by at least 2 years of professional experience and, subsequently, at least 3 years of relevant professional experience.

Professional practice is relevant if it is sufficiently related to the content of the course of study and if, during its course, knowledge and skills have been acquired which are conducive to the course of study. A relevant professional experience therefore requires an activity with a high degree of relevance to information technology.

The aptitude test consists of four partial examinations.

Subtest 1: Written examination in mathematics (written exam)
Duration: 90 minutes
Preliminary course: Preparatory course see page 4, Online bridge course Mathematics
Content: The content of the preparation course can be found on the zfh website at proudly presents
Sample exams are not available. Tools such as pocket calculators, formula collections etc. are not permitted.
Recognition: Mathematics courses from a previous university course,
even if it has been aborted, may be recognised provided that they
a total of at least 10 ECTS points, or
8 SWS had and
have been successfully completed (note "passed with success")
or grade; pure attendance certificates are not sufficient).
Extent and success are to be proven by official documents of the university (for proof possibilities see checklist of application documents),
at The Examining Board decides on recognition. For recognition you need
not to take the math exam. The examination of the recognition of your mathematics achievements is free of charge.

Subtest 2: Admission work

Goal: The admission work is an individual work in which you should show that
you are in a position to submit an application within a specified period of time.
to work independently on a technical problem using the principles of scientific work.
Topic: The topic is given. You will receive it together with the letter of admission to the EP. It is a topic related to informatics, for
the elaboration of which does not require in-depth knowledge of information technology. Please
note this:
There is no choice regarding the topic. The given topic has to be edited.
Written papers that have been prepared in other contexts, e.g. final papers, project papers or term papers from training or studies, are not recognised as admission papers.
This also applies to project documentation from professional practice.
Duration: The processing time is 3 months.
Scope: 20 typewritten DIN A4 pages plus title page, structure,
Bibliography, etc. You will receive further information on the formal requirements for the work together with the notification of admission.
to the EP.
Pre-course: Preparation see page 5, Scientific work
Master of Computer Science
Aptitude test, preparatory courses, timetable
Last update: 03.12.2018 3/5

Subtest 3: Presentation of the admission work
Objective: In the presentation, you should demonstrate that you are able to
Application of scientific findings and methods Your work
and solved the technical problem. Your social competence
you should point out that you are capable of doing your work
understandable, structured, convincing and within the given time to
Duration: 20 minutes plus 5 minutes for answering questions.
Requirement: An elaborated screen presentation is expected in a common presentation program (e.g. PowerPoint, PDF, OpenOffice) with
Beamer. The lecture room is equipped with a beamer and several connections. Please bring your own laptop.

Subtest 4: Aptitude interview

Goal: In the aptitude interview, your ideas of a master's degree in computer science as well as your motivation and your personal ability to learn will be discussed.
was discussed. In addition, general knowledge and basic knowledge relevant to the course of study can also be tested.
Duration: Usually between 20 and 40 minutes, but at least 15 minutes.