University Certificates

Each certificate includes 300 hours of theoretical and practical experience Examination in the University of Applied Sciences

Certificate topics and emphases

Database Management Systems (DBS)

1. Architectural Models of Database Systems I II
2. Basics of the relational data model
3. Relational and object-relational SQL
4. Database design and quality assurance
5. Data integration and analysis
6. Database System Technology
7. XML and databases

Computer Networks / Infrastructure (RN)

1. TCP/IP: Transport and switching on the Internet Local networks
2. Fixed and mobile networks for wide area traffic
3. Internet applications I: Various applications
4. Internet Applications II: Web Technologies
5. Internet applications III: Peer-to-peer systems and multimedia applications

Project Management (PROM)

1. Projects as problem-solving processes
2. Foundation, organisation and structuring of projects
3. Project planning
4. Project management
5. Management of software projects
6. Project management tools
7. Practice project
in progress

Introduction to Programming (PROG)

1. Elementary Programming 2. Object orientation
3. Data and control structures
4. Analysis of algorithms
5. Search and sort algorithms for fields
6. Dynamic data structures and specific algorithms
in progress

Completed Certificates

  • Database Management Systems (DBS) Done
  • Computer Networks / Infrastructure (RN) Done
  • Project Management (PROM) Done
  • Introduction to Programming (PROG) Done
  • SAP Cloud Platform Integration (CLD900) Done (Participation)
  • SAP Cloud Platform Essentials Done
  • Embedded Systems (ES) On going
  • Automata Theory, Formal Languages and Computability (AUFS) On going